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Modular floor standing carousel system

Mix and match modules to make the display you want.

This modular floor standing carousel system comes in an easy to assemble kit, comprising of a base, two poles that slip together, ring clips and your choice of modules. It stands 1,420mm high, not including the A4 header, Code: CAP210, that comes as an optional extra. The carousel with any two modules, Code: CS2, with three modules, Code: CS3 and with four modules Code: CS4. With 6CA230 modules the limit is three.


1/3 A4 12 Pockets per module
Width 104mm x Depth 30mm
Each module is moulded in one piece and can rotate independently. Up to four 1/3 A4 modules can fit onto the stand, or mix and match with A5 or A4 modules if required
•Header optional extra


1/3 A4 48 Pockets
(with pocket dividers)
Width 112mm x Depth 30mm
Each bank of pockets can rotate independently on the stand


1/3 A4 24 Pockets
(with pocket dividers)
Width 112mm x Depth 30mm
Pockets can rotate on the stand


1/3 A4 12 Pockets
Width 104mm x Depth 30mm
Module is moulded in one piece and can freely rotate
•Header included

1/3 A4 module for Carousel
Not standalone. Must be fitted to either MCS1 or CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4
•Can be mix 'n match with other modules on carousel stands (A4, A5)



Optional A4 header
for use with carousel units CS2, CS3, CS4



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